The Truth about Attention Grabbing Headlines

 If you have reached this blog by my tweet or e-mail marketing, then the truth about attention grabbing headlines is…they work!

To engage a prospect’s interest in your product or service then you must firstly grab their attention. Whilst shouting is one way, we have to be more subtle and sophisticated in today’s world. Alluring visual images and emotive music and even evocative smells are used to attack the senses. Sometimes, just sometimes though the less subtle also works – see above!

Of course it does not stop at grabbing attention. You have to keep the attention of your audience by….

Getting to the point sooner rather than later, but what about making the message stick?

Stir emotions and desires, shock people into action or an effective way is to create a story with an unexpected outcome. What do I mean by this? Here is an example.

You probably think the purpose of this blog is to get you to visit our website or e-mail me to find out how to make your business a really great business. I realise of course you are not that gullible.  I just wanted to warn you about about a business owner who was challenged by the authorities for paying a member of staff less than the minimum wage. When asked about his employees, he responded saying he had a sales team of 4 that were each paid £500 per week, a couple of operatives at £300 per week each and an administrator on a weekly wage of £200 per, all enjoyed 5 weeks holidays a year. Then he said we have a half-wit who works 18 hours a day, gets no holidays and earns about £50 per week.  Aha said the authorities that’s the person we need to speak to. You are said the business owner!

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