Even more lies, misleading truths and marketing – when original might actually mean different!

I have to admit I have a penchant for brown sauce.  Not just any brown sauce but a particular brand.

Now, sad as it may seem I happen to know the ingredients of this brown sauce and what the first ingredient needs to be to ensure it is the right taste for me.  My favourite brand has recently changed its formula and to be honest it just does not taste the same!  Yet on the label of the product it claims to be the ‘original’ recipe.  This just is not true, the ingredients are different.  What is more interesting is that there are bottles bearing the same ‘original’ claim that actually have different ingredients!

So what does ‘original’ refer to?  I suspect if I raise the matter they could use the misleading truth that the manufacture is still the same or original method.  Whilst this may be acceptable to retain their marketing claim, it does not hide the fact that it tastes different – or may be that does not count. 

To add to my ‘sadness’ I am suspicious that the change in ingredients is to reduce the cost and thus increase the profit.  This profit increase may be short lived, because if other brown sauce aficionados like me have similar taste then we will be buying elsewhere.  There is still one other brand left that I know of that can if you pardon the expression, ‘cut the mustard’.

What is the marketing moral of this blog?  Fiddle with a winning formula at your peril!  If something works and sells your product or service, why risk it.  E-mail 200years@promentis.co.uk to discuss your plans and get an independent perspective before you start fiddling with yours!