5 Things you should know to Feel Confident in taking on People and Management Challenges

6752321_sWe all probably have role models that we admire for the way they seem to be able to get the best from others. They have the ability to motivate at the same time as being challenging. They also appear to remain calm and collected even under the most difficult of situations which enables them to act in a positive manner.

One thing these people have mastered is being resourceful in any kind of situation. For some it comes naturally, for others – well, we have to work at it. The good news it is something we can learn and improve on and make our professional and personal lives more rewarding.

Like it or not we all carry around a lot of baggage! Since our childhood we have been shaped and moulded by circumstances, education and culture in which we have lived. We have learned responses to situations that have served us well, often as protection keeping our world in a form of status quo. This is can be and is often very limiting and is based on a massive assumption that our world is right or the best. Resourceful people have recognised this and are much more aware of the tricks we humans play to sift, filter and delete those aspect of a situation that disturb our world and makes us feel uncomfortable.   As massive amounts of data and signals bombard our senses every day, this strategy is very sensible. It keeps us sane and there is certainly nothing wrong with this. However, it does mean that we develop preferred behavioural (comfort) styles which in certain circumstances  do not put us in the most resourceful state!

So what can we do?

  • Know thyself. In management situations to change the behaviours in others we need to first look at our own. So understanding and being more sensitised to your preferred behavioural styles is the first step to making progress. There are many systems and psychometric testing tools to help you get a better understanding of yourself;  the situations that motivate you and more importantly what environments hold you back. Please do not take these too much to heart, recognise the tool for what it is and a guide to help you adapt and change and only if you want to! Do however, use them to reveal more about yourself and your strengths and also the areas that you can work on to get better results.


  •  Know what makes your colleagues tick. It becomes pretty obvious that if you have preferred behaviours then others will have theirs. More than this, theirs may not match yours. This is when the battles usually commence especially where there is a ‘clash of personalities’. Enforcing your way on others is not going to get the best outcome, especially as you now know about different behavioural styles. To get the best from others we have to rise above our own immediate needs and devise a different strategy. So not only learn about your behavioural preferences, but also other types and what the motivational triggers and buttons are to create the behaviours in them you are looking for. Do unto others not as you would wish to be done to, but as they would wish to be done to.


  • Know that you can change the outcome by changing your response to a situation. How often have you realised after the event that taking a different path might just have led to a different result or destination. Here is the rub – it is true! Being resourceful is about stopping your automatic response system – your auto-pilot and choosing a different response to a situation. The brain is a massively powerful and impressive device. A microsecond pause is enough to trigger it to consider other options. Not only that, it will probably present you with a better option. Surely you say it cannot be that easy. On the one hand it is, but on the other hand the option your brain presents, may not feel comfortable. It may go against your preferred behavioural style. So what next? 


  • Know that whether you think you can or you cannot – you will be right! Resourceful people are those that are recognise this discomfort, but still act in the knowledge that they need to do the right thing. How often do we back down from choosing the right option because it is not comfortable? Of course we will post rationalise it and seek approval from others of our decision to make it right in our ‘world’.


  • Know the following Truth: Doing tomorrow what you did today and expect a different outcome has its limitations! So it is again back down to us to make changes, however difficult and painful. Of course we risk making mistakes, how else will we learn. But unless we go out a try new approaches, new responses we will not achieve anything new.


I wish you luck in your new approaches. If you do not want to just chance it to luck, contact us on info@promentis.co.uk to learn about our What Makes You Tick? interactive workshop to give you skills that get the best from your workforce. We will give you your personal profile and help you; feel more confident in taking on people and management challenges, enjoy a more motivated and engaged workforce/team and more time to work on your business.

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