6 Power Questions for your Marketing Strategy

3Here are six powerful questions we should all be asking about our Marketing Strategy and campaigns.

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Power Question No 1: Why? – Define the purpose of your marketing activity. Is it to; create new leads, consolidate your position in the market, reinforce your brand against competitors or just to raise your profile? Whatever it is be honest with yourself, build your plan around it and then stick to it.

Power Question No 2: Who? – Be clear who exactly it is you are trying to reach and influence. That is, the real people behind it all and most importantly the people who have it in their gift to make the decision to choose your product or services.  Get to understand them and how they behave from a marketing perspective.

Power Question No 3: What? – Knowing who you need to reach will determine what it is you need to say. Remember it is not what you want to say, but what they want to hear in the language they relate to that might influence their decision in your favour.

Power Question No 4: How? – Not everyone responds to marketing the same way. Some people may never read e-marketing mails or not use the internet to gather their opinions. There are many other ways, just think about it for a minute! Getting a better understanding of your target market and finding out the best methods of reaching them may make a significant difference to the outcomes.

Power Question No 5: When? – Timing is often the essence to maximise impact. Sometimes, just sometimes now is not the best time.  Does your product or service have a seasonal nature or is it part of a buying cycle?  It may be better to concentrate your marketing in less frequent but bigger chunks to match the decision making of these cycles. Even the response to an e-mail campaign may depend on the day and time of the week it lands.  It is getting back to understanding your target!

Power Question No 6: Where? – Somebody once told me that if you have a marketing target that you really want to connect with find out where they go and make sure you are there when they are!  So find out where your targets go, virtual such as social media forums or more physically events and presentations and be there.  But remember that marketing is not only about what you say, but also your behaviour and what you do.

One final golden rule. Never set up a marketing campaign or plan without some method or measures to judge its success, and remember failure is only opportunity to learn and refine and improve your campaign.


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