This DISC world is no comic fantasy

Welcome to the real world of how people interact and how their behaviours can have a major influence on your business.

Managing people is often seen as one of the most challenging elements of running a business. Recognising we are not all from the same mould is the first step to providing some rewarding insights.  There are many behavioural models out there and all have their merits.  Although not claiming this to be the panacea, let us introduce DISC world. When people understand the basis of DISC world they can quickly apply this to their own working world.

DISC World Horizons

When you first arrive at DISC world first you might perceive it as a hostile world or friendly one.  After settling in how you choose to respond to this DISC world might range between pro-activity or reactivity.  Combining these 2 horizons of environment and activity helps determine your preferred or most comfortable behavioural style in DISC world.

Be sure to understand from the outset, in DISC world there are no right or wrong behaviours just different ones. Equally people in DISC world rarely show absolutes but rather a mix, but prefer certain behaviours.

In DISC world behaviours can also change in particular when stress increases.  More importantly when we understand DISC world we can choose to change our behaviours from our preferred ones in order to relate better to others that might see DISC world differently. In DISC world this is called adapted behaviour.


Character Types in DISC world

Now you are in DISC world you will start to meet some of the locals and observe their behaviour.

Take the Dominance family.  They become active in situations seen as antagonistic. They take on a heavy workload and like to compete. They do not mind being put under pressure in fact they love a challenge. In DISC world terms the Dominance family are proactive when they see a hostile world.

Next let us meet the Influence clan.  They become active in situations seen as favourable and like to work through and with people. They love recognition for accomplishments.  In DISC world terms the Influence clan are proactive when they see a friendly world.

We must not forget the Steadiness household who will remain passive in situations seen as favourable.  They like specialised work that requires patience and that can be done at their own pace. They and like to feel appreciated also need time to prepare for change.  The Steadiness household see DISC world as friendly but prefer to be reactive.

Finally of course we have the Compliance tribe.  They will remain passive in situations seen as antagonistic. They like rules to work to, clear objectives and requirements.  In particular they come to the fore where work requires high standards utilising logic and analytical input. The Compliance tribe see DISC world as hostile will happy to be reactive.

As you are wandering around DISC world I am sure you will start to notice familiarities with people you know. Perhaps not as specific as our family friends but many similar attributes. In fact you may see a reflection of yourself in some of these people.

 Managing Styles in DISC World

Hopefully as you move around DISC world you will start to realise that – “if I can change my behaviours to align myself more with the way in which my DISC world friends see and react to their world – that could be quite powerful”.

Of course it will take practice and commitment as there will undoubtedly be a few slip ups on the way to mastering life in DISC world.  However, in time you too will start to explain DISC world to your colleagues and how they too can benefit from the same understanding you have.

Of course it will take a lot of time and effort on your part and also can be quite challenging and uncomfortable. So you may need some help initially from someone who understands the dynamics of DISC world.

This help would probably start with checking out your own preferences in DISC world and then explaining how you might need to adapt your own behaviours to get the best from those around you.

How do you get your personal revelation about DISC world for yourself and your team?  Quite simply, a short online questionnaire provides preferred behavioural styles and with input from a trained assessor you will receive both insight and a plan to work on… of course only if you really want to master DISC world.

Some information contained in this blog is sourced from Thomas International – Promentis is an approved PPA/DISC Assessor – contact info@promentis,co.uk to find out how to arrange an assessment in your business.


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