STOP! – When enough is enough

We all start a new plan or venture with enthusiasm and energy. It motivates us into action.  Because it is our idea or plan we do not always see all the threats and obstacles or, perhaps we downgrade them in the full knowledge we have the skill and wherewithal to overcome them.

The trouble is things do change; a new competitor or product enters the market, the business environment is turned on its head, the obstacles and threats you foresaw are not quite as easy to overcome!

Of course when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  It’s a time that sorts the men from the boys and the women from the girls.  Failure is for losers!  We are emotionally engaged and committed.  So we back ourselves, fight the fight and plough on.

But what if things do not change.  Our energy gets sapped, our enthusiasm starts to wane and let’s be honest there is a point when we can get dragged down. There is another way.

STOP! – enough is enough.  Sometimes, just sometimes we have to recognise it is just not working.  Taking a step back and making an honest and objective review of the situation. Whether it is a small adjustment or a more radical re-think of your plans the help of an independent set or eyes and ears can get you back on track more quickly.  A mentor that has experienced the challenges and can provide the sounding board will give you the support and help you require.

It takes courage to say stop and even more to ask for help, but this should be seen as a strength – fortune favours the brave.

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