Making Business Choices you Enjoy not Endure

art-bright-colorful-pencil-pencils-Favim_com-400816   Business like life is about making choices.

  The choices we make effect the outcomes we enjoy or endure.

   But we can choose to change at any time…that is in our gift.


1. Allow scale and strength of competitors to blind you to the power of your agility and flexibility.
2. Fall prey to the pressure for growth – it may rob you of your agility and flexibility
3. Fall into the trap of only listening to what you want to hear. Seek out the awkward questions … they may be difficult but are equally valid … probably more so!
4. Waste time on products or services that are not working … learn and move on … quickly!
5. Mistake data for information … there is plenty of the former but very little of the latter that is good quality

1. Provide strong leadership … use absolute rigour in deciding where you are driving your business and stick to it … the true backbone for your future.
2. Work hard at understanding your customers … it is more than just listening to them
3. Make sure you have the right people … not an easy task … when you do, invest time in them … and expect to lose them … after all you have made them the best!
4. Take time to clear out the ‘rubbish’ … redundant products, resources and data … and reduce the time to bring new products and services to market … because of your agility and flexibility you can!
5. Focus … need more be said!

If you truly understand your customers and their needs …You will know the right quality products and services they value that will attract their custom to your business.

If you have the right quality products and services and truly understand your customers …You will know when they need to be made or offered

If you know when and what products and services to offer …You will know the right resources and materials required and when to procured them

If you truly understand the value of building great customer relationships …You will fulfil the demand at the right time in a way that should enjoy good margins reduce unnecessary costs and waste and above all build customer loyalty.

The question is … are you doing this?

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