A Plan Without Goals Is Like A Map With No Names

The weary traveller faced by a map with no place names requires two fundamentals to help plan a journey.  A start and a finish.  Something we all need to move forward perhaps?

Tips for preparing the basics of a simple but effective plan:

  1.  Write down where you want to be and where you want your business to be in your  short, medium and long term.  I emphasise ‘your’ as it differs depending where you might be in your life.  In business parlance these are your goals, so they need to be tangible, and realistic but hopefully stretching too!  Writing it down is important. It is more of a commitment and something to refer to in future.
  2. If you are in partnership (business or otherwise) make sure you share these with your partner(s).  If you are not all heading in the same direction, better to find out now, not half way along the journey.  Often differences can be resolved or accommodated.
  3. Write down where you are now, your start point. Make sure you are honest about this as the only person you will be fooling is yourself if you are not.
  4. Again share it with your partner(s). If you are not starting from the same point differences need to be aired early.  May be you are wrong about your starting point.
  5. For each of your term goals write down what it means to you personally to succeed.  Also the pain if you fail.  Unless the outcomes you are seeking mean enough to you then you will not me motivated to succeed and may be you are pursuing the wrong goals.  Motivation is a strange and personal thing.  For example, I would suggest having a business worth £5m in 5 years is not as powerful as the things that you might be able to achieve or do with the £5m.  Say buying that villa in Tuscany you have always yearned.  So make sure you get the context right.
  6. Now you can start writing down the steps you are going to take to get to where you want to be!


Doing it well amounts to consistent effort and staying power.  Herein lies the rub! How often to we start an adventure or journey like this and shall we say lose momentum.  Contact 200years@promentis.co.uk to find out how taking someone along on the journey can increase your chances of success.