There are really only 4 interview questions.

A client of mine in the recruitment sector was not happy when his client rejected all the high calibre candidates for a top management role.  Worse still he was less than bemused when he found out none of the candidates were interested in the company either.    Why? 

Quite simply his client company was hopeless at interviewing!  Recruitment is a massive investment for your business and getting it right is crucial.  So remember interview questions probably all boil down to these 4.

  1. Why are you here?  – Candidates need to be able to give a credible and confident answer to this simple but often neglected question.  Remember if the reason is redundancy, it is the job that is made redundant not the person.  You may actually have found a really good candidate
  2. What can you do for me?  Quite simply this is about the skills and experience. Much will be on the cv and a good quality cv is crucial. Regrettably today a good quality cv may not always reflect a good quality candidate!  Remember to ask them about what they have achieved personally in their previous role.  Be wary of ‘we did’ statements ‘we’ may not actually have been ‘I’!  By the way always follow up on references and always try and get one for their last or current employer. Be wary if they are reluctant.
  3. Will they fit in? It is important that the candidate is making the right choice about your business!  Businesses vary in culture and dynamics and not everyone suits your business culture or personality.  Some candidates may have the right business skills and experience, but not the right personality profile.  
  4. Can we afford them?  If the candidate passes the first 3 questions with flying colours and you are excited about them starting in the job because you can see they will make a real difference at some stage you will face this final question.  Money is an important motivator to a certain level and for certain jobs, but there are other factors that will influence the decision maker so think about the wider aspects of your offer.  I will leave this one for you to consider, but make sure you get it right!

So which of the above questions is the hardest for the employer? It is number 3.  If you want to find out how to create personal profiles for jobs in your business and match candidates again them contact us at 200years@promentis.co.uk