Great Business is a lot about Attitude

Great business is a lot about attitude…that is the right attitude.  No matter the skills of the individual unless they are prepared to commit to the business and in the right way and be a part of the team, then there is to be honest really no room for them.

But do not start pointing the finger at that individual, because so often the lion’s share of the responsibility can reside with the managment team.  Great managers are not only good at their functional role they are fantastic at ensuring those in their team are motivated and have the right attitude. 

Having the right attitude can be contextual that is, depend upon the situation and if you are not aware of situational managment then now is the time to start to get to grips with it.  Don’t tell an experienced person how to do their job, they want autonomy to get on with the job, but that does not mean they do not require recognition.  Equally, do not expect someone new to the business or role is going to just pick up the reigns and deliver to perfection, they will need guidance and support especially in your business’ ways! 

So once again it boils down to communication and then the right sort of support. 

Perhaps the title of this message should read Great business is a lot about attitude…your attitude and only you can choose this no one else to blame there!