6 Power Questions for your Marketing Strategy

Here are six powerful questions we should all be asking about our Marketing Strategy and campaigns. If when you have read them you would like a simple free guide to map out your answers to these questions, just mail: 200years@promentis.co.uk. and I will mail you the guide without obligation.   Power Question No 1: Why? – Define the purpose of your marketing activity. Is it to; create new leads, consolidate your
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A Plan Without Goals Is Like A Map With No Names

The weary traveller faced by a map with no place names requires two fundamentals to help plan a journey.  A start and a finish.  Something we all need to move forward perhaps? Tips for preparing the basics of a simple but effective plan:  Write down where you want to be and where you want your business to be in your  short, medium and long term.  I emphasise ‘your’ as it differs depending where you might be in your l
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There Is Great Strategy and Then There Is Great Implementation!

Something very important all business leaders should be aware of is having a great strategy does not guarantee success. Some years ago a survey by Marakon Associates and the Economist Intelligence Unit of nearly 200 senior executives revealed that “firms only achieved 63% of the expected results of their strategic plans”. How critical were the 37% not achieved? So isn’t great implementation the critical element of bu
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