Commercial Operations

You cannot Drive Looking only in the Rear View Mirror

  As the year kicks off those annual sales targets seem a long way off with plenty of time to get there. “January is always a bit sluggish and we will catch up” I hear you say! “Look at last year, we made it in the end with a rush in the last quarter” That was last year and maybe this year will be tougher! Hopefully budgets have been cast and targets set. You may even have in place, to use jargon KPI’s and the a
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Making Business Choices you Enjoy not Endure

   Business like life is about making choices.   The choices we make effect the outcomes we enjoy or endure.    But we can choose to change at any time…that is in our gift.   Don’t 1. Allow scale and strength of competitors to blind you to the power of your agility and flexibility. 2. Fall prey to the pressure for growth – it may rob you of your agility and flexibility 3. Fall into the trap of only listening to
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Make your day to day operations a source of competitive advantage

This simple guide identifies the key areas where you can create a business advantage from your day to day operations. Rate your own business against in the 6 key commercial operational areas. We’re sorry, your browser doesn’t support IFrames. You can still visit this item., however.Enlarge this document in a new windowPublishing Software from YUDU
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The Truth about Attention Grabbing Headlines

 If you have reached this blog by my tweet or e-mail marketing, then the truth about attention grabbing headlines is…they work! To engage a prospect’s interest in your product or service then you must firstly grab their attention. Whilst shouting is one way, we have to be more subtle and sophisticated in today’s world. Alluring visual images and emotive music and even evocative smells are used to attack the senses. S
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Yet more lies, misleading truths and marketing – this one really stinks!

Sometimes, just sometimes the customer is not truthful about things!  May be a more politically correct way of putting it is to say that quite often, what the customer says does not always align with how they act.  Let me give you an example. A number of years ago I worked in Spain for a business that had the leading fly spray in the country.  Our marketing team conducted market research to establish how it could imp
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Even more lies, misleading truths and marketing – when original might actually mean different!

I have to admit I have a penchant for brown sauce.  Not just any brown sauce but a particular brand. Now, sad as it may seem I happen to know the ingredients of this brown sauce and what the first ingredient needs to be to ensure it is the right taste for me.  My favourite brand has recently changed its formula and to be honest it just does not taste the same!  Yet on the label of the product it claims to be the ‘ori
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More Lies, Misleading Truths and Marketing – Don’t forget to read the small print

How do you rate a price guarantee such as one offering to pay you back the difference or more if you can find the product or service cheaper elsewhere?   It may be an attractive proposition, but is it good marketing.  Let me explain. A recent such offer I came across gave such a price guarantee.  However, on reading the small print there were so many conditions it undermined the whole value of the guarantee.   So thi
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Lies, Misleading Truths and Marketing

The recently televised Harvard lectures on Justice by Michael Sandel through Kant’s stringent theory of morality introduced the subject of “misleading truths” (http://tinyurl.com/y94cqsc). This is trying to mislead without actually lying so keeping Kant’s moral theory in tact.   There are many examples of this and Clinton on the Lewinsky affair used in this programme is perhaps the most famous. I recently received an
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