Executive Development and People

5 Things you should know to Feel Confident in taking on People and Management Challenges

We all probably have role models that we admire for the way they seem to be able to get the best from others. They have the ability to motivate at the same time as being challenging. They also appear to remain calm and collected even under the most difficult of situations which enables them to act in a positive manner. One thing these people have mastered is being resourceful in any kind of situation. For some it com
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This DISC world is no comic fantasy

Welcome to the real world of how people interact and how their behaviours can have a major influence on your business. Managing people is often seen as one of the most challenging elements of running a business. Recognising we are not all from the same mould is the first step to providing some rewarding insights.  There are many behavioural models out there and all have their merits.  Although not claiming this to be
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It makes you think … Arrogant Idiot!

Years ago as a young businessman I had the fortune to live and work in South America. It was new and exciting and a first encounter with working in a wildly different culture and boy did I learn a lot! My job involved much travel often long journeys in a 4×4 across rough but spectacular scenery. I did not always journey alone and my travelling companions were generally locals. There is only so much scenery you c
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There are really only 4 interview questions.

A client of mine in the recruitment sector was not happy when his client rejected all the high calibre candidates for a top management role.  Worse still he was less than bemused when he found out none of the candidates were interested in the company either.    Why?  Quite simply his client company was hopeless at interviewing!  Recruitment is a massive investment for your business and getting it right is crucial.  S
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Great Business is a lot about Attitude

Great business is a lot about attitude…that is the right attitude.  No matter the skills of the individual unless they are prepared to commit to the business and in the right way and be a part of the team, then there is to be honest really no room for them. But do not start pointing the finger at that individual, because so often the lion’s share of the responsibility can reside with the managment team. 
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Don’t Bring Your Dirty Boots In Here! – A lesson in leadership

Early in my career I learned a very interesting lesson in leadership that I would like to share.  Ed a contract draughtsman working for me on my project and about 15 years my senior had worked around the world and knew a lot about people and what made them tick. Our major project on a Crude Oil Distillation Unit required Ed in particular to spend a lot of time on the site.  Crude Oil units can be messy and the contro
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